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The "BOULDER" Condo Birdhouse Kit or Assembled Birdhouse

The "Boulder" is a versatile and popular birdhouse.  The tall side is sized for medium birds and the short side will house some of the smaller ones. It has vents under the eaves on each side and can be flat back or bottom mounted. The floor space of the "Boulder" is approximately 5" x 4.5" for the tall side and 5" x 3.5" for the short. Approximate dimensions and option selection area are listed below. This model is available as a kit or an assembled version.

BOULDER Quantity in Basket: None
Code: BD201NK
Price: $23.95
Shipping Weight: 4.50
See package descriptions below:
Basic Kit $23.95
Bargain Kit $19.95
Deluxe Kit $31.95
Assembled Basic Kit $27.95
Assembled Bargain $18.95
Assembled Deluxe $33.95
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Item/Part Number: BD201NK
Overall dimensions: 11.25"W x 7.5"D x 11"H
Standard hole sizes: 1 3/8" and 1 1/4"
Shipping weight: 4 lbs
*dimensions & weight are approximate & may vary slightly.

All kit packages include necessary wood pieces, galvanized nails, perch block(s), and assembly instructions.

Basic Kit (Cut from knot-free/clear cedar, kit pieces are of even thickness, slightly rough to smooth surfaces, pieces are selected and sorted, include perch block, and are kept in stock. Western Red Cedar is a soft wood, so predrilled nail holes are not necessary. And since this is a kit and you assemble it yourself, you have the option of inserting self-provided screws through any or all panels so it can be opened for cleaning.)

Deluxe Kit (Cut from machine-planed knot-free/clear cedar, smooth surface. Deluxe Kits include all pieces from the Basic Kit package as well as screws, and 4 to 7 predrilled screw holes to accommodate a removable panel—which is usually a roof piece. Some models include a decorative chimney. Add extra time for delivery, as these are usually cut-to-order. Not every model is available as a Deluxe package.)

Bargain Kit (Cut from cedar that has all or some pieces containing knots, worm holes, uneven thickness, minor cracks, dirt, and/or stains. Pieces are bulk cut and are NOT sorted, may be aged wood or newer cedar, but all pieces are of the same style. Bargain kits are perfectly fine to assemble, but you may have to adjust nail locations to avoid knots. Best assembled by adults. Bargain kits are not normally stocked; however, they are frequently processed and available—add 1-3 days to an order.)

Assembled Basic Kit (We simply assemble a basic kit taken from our kit inventory.)

Assembled Deluxe Kit (We assemble a deluxe kit cut from our premium planed boards—add extra time for delivery.)

Assembled Bargain Kit (We select and ship as either aged wood or new cedar depending on what's available at the time. Bargains do not include opening panels, but perch blocks can be added if you’d like—please enter your wood type and perch block preferences in the comments field.)

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